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Student’s Review

Elaine Hudson

I’ve been having Spanish lessons with Mayte Romero since April 2020 and I couldn’t have chosen a better teacher. Mayte has a lot of enthusiasm and really loves what she does. The way she has been tailoring the lessons to my specific needs is perfect and she is excellent at providing interesting and challenging lessons. I’m really glad to recommend Mayte as a teacher as my experience with her has been great.

Yufan Greendale

Every Spanish class was very well prepared by Mayte, she also send us many interesting materials such as songs, short videos that simple enough for children to watch and learn the language after outside the classes. What the children loved most was the festivals, Mayte always dresses up for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, and prepare special learning for those occasions. As a result, my children seems remembered words like “eggs”, “spider”, ”father Christmas” “snowman” forever.


I thoroughly recommend Mayte Romero as a tutor of Spanish. I was finding the Spanish GCSE course quite difficult but I ended up achieving a grade 8, which was much better than I had anticipated. Mayte was very organised, well prepared and patient. She also gave me lots of supplementary materials to help me. Mayte knew a lot about the content of the Spanish GCSE. Above all, I would say she especially helped me with my spoken Spanish – giving me confidence, lots of useful phrases and pronunciation practice.


I have been having lessons with Mayte before starting my Spanish A-level and they’ve given me so much more confidence in my Spanish ability especially grammar and speaking. She uses Zoom and power-points for really interactive virtual teaching and sets homework and tasks using google classroom. Each lesson is mostly taught in Spanish so you are really immersed in the language and always practicing speaking and listening skills. I would highly recommend for a head start in Spanish at any level!

Sofía-GCSE Spanish Student

As a year 10 student preparing for GCSE Spanish, Ms Romero is undoubtedly an exceptionally diligent, outstanding and responsible teacher, making lessons interesting and challenging, yet in a trouble-free way. Her different approaches to more complex lessons make it easy to understand the content, but in a way that truly interests each one of the pupils in the class.