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Franco-Spanish Talk: The Impossible Understanding (1959-1970)

Nicolas Klein is a Spanish teacher for a classe préparatoire (intensive foundation degree) in Nancy (Northeast France). Nicolas is specialised in the history of contemporary Spain and is a former student at the École normale supérieure (ÉNS) in Lyon. Translator and author of various books about Spanish History and current affairs, he often publishes articles in several French and Spanish university reviews and newspapers.

This talk will focus on the bilateral diplomatic relations between France and Spain during and after De Gaulle’s presidency. His diplomacy as the president of the French Republic (1959-1969) is well-known amongst experts and the general public. This knowledge is inclusive of the relations between France and its neighbors (Germany, UK), its former colonies in Africa and Asia, the major powers of that time (US, USSR, China) or some defined cultural areas (Latin America).

However, it seems the Franco-Spanish relations are not so well known. De Gaulle’s France and Franco’s Spain did maintain diplomatic relations, particularly in the economic and cultural fields. In 1970, after he resigned, Charles de Gaulle even visited Spain and met Francisco Franco in Madrid. But what was the nature of these diplomatic relations?

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